Snapchat free followers generator – Get free Snapchat Followers

Snapchat free followers generator – Get free Snapchat Followers

Snapchat free followers generator

Snapchat free followers generator update 4.0

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Snapchat free followers tool

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Also as always, we bring to you some FAQ about how to grow your Snapchat account in natural way, follow it! 🙂


Now Snapchat in not only tool for messaging and chatting. It is huge news platform, the “Discover” section of which is used by more than 20 media companies that have special channels on it. Large and small media organizations use the Snapchat Stories function, which allows you to create long videos by combining photos and individual videos up to 10 seconds long.

These four tips will help you avoid common mistakes, and the result will appeal to your followers in Snapchat.

1. Use the microphone

I saw the stories published in Snapchat by well-known news agencies, accompanied by too low sound and monstrous background noise. For phones, too, there are a lot of microphones to try. Buy yourself this. Today. Do not write down a story about another noisy political rally without a microphone.

Rode Videomic Me well helps to reduce the level of background noise, which often spoils reporting on horse racing, racing, festivals and parties.

2. Give people enough time to read the text

If you place text on the top of the image, give people some time to read it.

You can select how long the image remains on the screen. By default this time is 2 seconds – not long enough for your viewers to be able to read most of the texts.

Click on the number 2 in the lower left corner – this will give you the opportunity to increase the time of demonstration of the image to 10 seconds.

For my texts, it usually takes 5 seconds, but do not worry if you decide to leave the image on the screen for a longer time. Viewers can easily go to the next image – to do this they just need to click on any place on the screen.

3. Use the control panel (shutter remote)

If you do not have a remote control, you have to press the shutter button on the phone screen all the time while you are shooting the video. This is not very convenient, it limits the angle of shooting, and in addition, in this position it is more difficult to hold the phone in a steady state. The remote control Bluetooth shutter remote helps you shoot videos if you create stories alone, especially if you use a microphone that adds weight to the phone.

Such control panels are produced by several companies. CamKix Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote is inexpensive and works well.

4. Ask Snapchat followers to leave comments for you

Snapchat was launched as a service for friends who want to exchange private messages. It works much worse if you need to get feedback about your work from thousands of followers. As recently wrote on Twitter, the venture investor Mark Suster: “Snapchat – useless service for two-way communication with a large audience.”

Adding friends to Snapchat
Users are probably familiar with this method, because it does not differ from the one used by friends who are relayed by messages. In this case, while your viewers are watching the video, the chat line is visible on the screen.

If in your story you write: “Let us know what you think” and add to the friends of everyone who added you, your viewers should understand how to contact you.
Disadvantages of the situation when you add everyone to friends

However, adding to friends all those who add you, most likely, does not suit media organizations because it makes their list of stories unsuitable for use – it will show the stories of all people added to friends. This is similar to the situation where your email address is added to the group list, which includes the addresses of all people who have subscribed to your email newsletter.


Let everyone send you a message on Snapchat

Another way to receive messages on Snapchat is to allow each of them to send you. This saves you from having to manually add everyone who added you, does not add the history of each of your followers to the list of stories and has the added advantage – you can turn this feature on and off.

If you do not want your account to remain open all the time, you can ask your audience to send you comments, open your account for any messages, and then, when you are finished, close it again.

You can open an account by going to the settings and selecting “All” instead of “My friends” in the “Contacts” section.


There are a lot of ways to get Snapchat free followers and views in 2018! You can grow your Snapchat account in the natural way or try such free Snapchat online tool that our team has made for you 🙂
Have fun growing your Snapchat empire!

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