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Free Snapchat Views

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Get Free Snapchat Views with fun

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free snapchat views generator

Tricks for Free Snapchat Views

How to attract new free followers in Snapchat, if you are not Mom in the decree, not a personal trainer and not a pretty blonde? It is not as hard as you think!


The awesome colorful inscription will for sure make your friends and subscribers like your published photo. You can use it for your photo or video to make it more understandable. To add it:

1. Go to your SnapChat;

2. Take a picture or record a short video;

3. Click on the letter "T" at the top of the screen:

4. You will see a text input field. Type your text to the newly created masterpiece.

For example, you can ask a question to your followers. Snapchat allows you to communicate in real-time with friends and clients, it is easy. This helps to establish a warmer relationship with potential customers and add some fun to your friends.

5. Now you can change the font size and its color. To do this, press the letter "T" again.

6. You can put the alignment by the center by pressing the third time on the "T" at the top of the screen.


Every time you take a screenshot of your friend's snap, he for sure will receive a notification. But you can my simple trick by taking a few simple steps:

1. Turn on the "flight mode" on the phone;

2. Enter the Snapchat mailbox;

3. Take a screenshot;

4. Exit Snapchat;

5. Turn off the flight mode and enter the Snapchat again.

6. Your screenshot is ready, but your friend did not see anything ;-)

Snapchat modern Art

In Snapchat you can find a huge collection of different stickers and emoticons. With their help you can add the mood to your photo, also your Snapchat followers for sure will like it.

To add a sticker:


1. Take a photo or video;

2. Select the icon at the top of the screen:

Tip: you can change the size of the sticker or smile. To do this, grab the corners of the picture and stretch it in different directions. In the same way, you can turn it to any direction:

In addition, you can create a filter using a smile. To make this, stretch the smiley to the sizes that go beyond the boundaries of the screen:

Tips to get free Snapchat Views

# 1: Post exclusive content only
Many brands use Snapchat because their content looks more authentic or "real". To get more interaction with Snapchat followers, you can use this feature by publishing content that shows similar but different sides of your brand.

Let your customers feel like they are some "insiders", publish content which is inaccessible to other channels about interaction with the brand. Feeling of significance and involvement will cause your followers a deeper emotional attitude to you and your content.

# 2: Engage with your followers in your story
Communicate with your Snapchat followers through social networks. For example, ask users to do a selfie with your product or record a video about why they like your product.

For example, The brand Everlane went with help of Snapchat invited their followers to talk about their new collection of shoes or send photos of what they had recently acquired from clothes.

# 3: Add brand style elements
Snapchat allows you to communicate with your community and further strengthens your brand from a position of influence and creative development. Your story in Snapchat is a reflection of your brand, you can promote your products, offer behind-the-scenes moments from the life of the company and employees, or make an interview with key persons in the company.

Make sure that the pictures that you share with your subscribers will have the corporate style of your brand, be it the company logo, signature or some other element of style.

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