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Free Instagram Video Views

free Instagram video views tool

Free Instagram Video Views are a joke?

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Instagram free video views

Tips on getting free Instagram video views:

Work on your content!

The main basis of success on Instagram is to produce great content. You need to publish interesting photos that your subscribers are interested in.

You need to find your own niche. Natural landscapes, architecture, portraits – share pictures of your favorite genre, and people will feel your attitude. Be creative – people like it!

Edit pictures correctly

Do not use dozens of filters on the photo. Decide what you really want to show to your subscribers. A lot of different tools for processing photos can be found on Instagram.

Remember that sometimes it’s better to abandon all the effects and to transfer the picture in the most pristine state. Editing photos should only emphasize your idea instead of replacing it.

Apply your profile

Do not forget that it’s important not only to make good photos but also to position yourself correctly. Link your Instagram with other social networks. Fill out the information about yourself. More people will know about you – more things they would like to tell you!

Do not recommend using Emoji – firstly, they will not be visible on all devices, and secondly, their excessive use is evil.

Do not forget to put a link to your website or social network account in the profile and finally upload your photo.

Competently use hashtags

A very simple and effective way to promote yourself on Instagram is the proper use of hashtags. Think about what you can associate your photo with. We do not advise you to use Russian hashtags πŸ™‚

Study the most popular hashtags on Instagram and use them in the appropriate photos, so you will know trending hashtags in your niche.

Communicate with your audience

Pay attention to your commentators, thank them and evaluate their profile, because people like to be talked to each other – do not forget it.

Do not be lazy to sign photos

A photo can advantageously emphasize the detailed description. Have you been to the concert of your lovely singer? So, share your impressions. Did you post a photo of your breakfast? So, tell us how hard it was to cook it. The myth that people do not like to read is relevant only for uninteresting texts.

Mark your geolocation

Instagram users are searching not only for hashtags but also for interesting places. Do not be afraid of the FBI. They always know all about you πŸ™‚

People are more willing to mark geolocation if they visit interesting places abroad.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories allows you to upload photos and videos up to 15 seconds. The images in the β€œstories” are arranged vertically, you can draw on them, add filters, signatures, and Emoji.

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