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Free Instagram Likes

free likes Instagram

– How to get real free Instagram Likes?

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free likes for Instagram

Important facts to get free Instagram Likes!

How to attract new free Instagram followers, if you are not Mom in the decree, not a personal trainer and not a pretty blonde? It is not as hard as you think!

1. Create a clear strategy

Before you begin to engage with your subscribers, determine what you really want to them tell. Think about the main theme of your account and the goals you want to achieve with it.

Create a content plan for the next month. Briefly write for yourself what you will say in your posts about. You need to be sure who is following your account and how you will attract targeted subscribers.

2. Investigate your competitors

Next – find out what your competitors are already writing on your topic. Find 3-5 main competitors and study them. Find out:

What is the situation with the followers in your niche;
What types of content are popular and what kind of response among subscribers they receive;
The frequency with which your target audience expects the publication of posts;
How competitors interact with your potential audience.

3. Check the profile design

Profile design on Instagram is the first and the main thing which your new followers are looking on. Therefore, before moving on, answer a few questions:

Do you use keywords in your name and login?
These two fields are the only indexed fields on Instagram, so think about them well. How do you want you to find targeted followers for free?

Is your profile photo simple, clear and vivid? Do you want to click on it?
Forget about the various inscriptions, because the picture itself is small, and in the comments, it is several times smaller.

Does the description reveal the value of your content for new Instagram followers?
Write short abstracts, add emoticons, use this field on its maximum.

Do you have any clickable links?
Add a link to your website or profiles in social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others), as well as the YouTube channel link or a specific video. Update the link if necessary.

If you answered “no” at least to one of these questions, it’s time to start designing your profile.

4. Publish posts daily

Try to publish every day 1-2 posts. Thus, you will support the activity of the existing audience and recruit new free Instagram followers. What kind of posts can it be:

Ask a question and force your followers in Instagram to active communications in comments to your photos, for example, thus:
Ask a question:

Tell your story or someone else’s story and conclude it with a useful thoughts;
Share the best lifehack in your life with some photos;
Show how your days are going.
Publish posts every day at the same time.

5. Use the catchy photo

When preparing each post, pay attention to the quality and correspondence of the picture. It should distinguish you from other publications.

Interest people to click on your photo and read your post, and then make them go to the page and subscribe to you. Take a photo of yourself, shoot everything that surrounds you, or share your personal images. Try to avoid the long-familiar photos found by searching.

6. Add hashtags

For each post, you can add up to 30 hashtags. With their help, you will find your free Instagram followers and likes in the easiest way. Use as a hashtag: interests and hobbies of your target audience, events and places where it happens. Write them in the comments (but not in the “body” of the post itself). Use popular hashtags, and also invent your own.

Go through the pages of your subscribers and competitors. Choose those who meet the requirements of your target audience. Study the hashtags they use and add them to your posts


Instagram – is one of the leading social networks in the world, it is growing every day with crazy speed. It is your choice to decide, how you will grow your account – in a natural way, with great content and everyday work, or with our powerful online free Instagram followers and likes booster tool. We hope, that now you know little more about growing Instagram accounts and our tips will be really useful for you! Do not forget to press the “Free Trial” button and finally test the most powerful free online tool for Instagram from our team, as a result, we will help you to gain more followers and likes! Have fun and start growing your Instagram kingdom!

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